SXSW-Music and Tech Festival in Austin Texas

While messing around on the internet looking for interesting reads, I found SXSW.  Never heard of it before and it grabbed my interest.   SXSW is the South by Southwest Music Festival.  As I read on, I discovered there really is something for everyone at this event.  It’s also a great place to find new music passions!

You can experience this unique event in beautiful Austin Texas.  It’s also the place where you can influence artists and the future of music.  The artists get instant feedback measuring the popularity of digital-era music.  Yes, success is usually measured by sales, streams, radio plays,and tickets. The facet that is often ignored because it is hard to measure is audience joy.  That’s where SXSW comes in. Badge-holding music-business professionals are surrounded by more typical listeners which provides instant feedback on what’s really reaching people.  This is where you come in!  Audience shouts, singalongs, loud vocal approval or rapt attention provide information to those who control music on what is most popular and what is not. At a time when the music business and the dominate tech companies are concentrating on a customized experience, South by Southwest shows how much people still prize a communal one.

Started in 1987 and now an institution it’s an annual windfall for Austin, Texas. SXSW puts performers on stages across the city most within walking distance downtown.

The number of performers is overwhelming and so is the variety. The festival is full of newcomers, and it has grown into a major stage for hip-hop acts, from chart-toppers on down. The festival is also a great way for performers from other countries to provide a showcase for their music to get the opportunity for a United States audience.  This year, due to immigration enforcement changes, some performers were turned back at the last minute. As can be imagined, this created a strong response from the festival planners.

SXSW also covers reunions to memorials: This year, there are tributes to the 1970s Memphis band Big Star, the Greenwich Village folk scene and to the Louisiana bayou bandleader Buckwheat Zydeco. The Austin band, Spoon, a product of Austin, played what was billed as SXSW’s first residency with three nights of headlining sets.

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The festival has more than music to offer.  You can see comedy acts and attend film festival screenings.  Featured speakers, lounges with special showcases, and gaming is also available.  SXSW