The Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide is for those of you want to keep their family safe, secure, and well-fed in times of chaos, natural disaster and even total collapse.

This is a must have for those who wish to take care of their families until help arrives.  Depending on the severity of the emergency, this could be days, weeks, or even months! You will learn how to prepare yourself correctly if you find yourself in this situation!

MED TECH RESOURCES-MTR is your go to store for first aid and survival supplies.  It doesn’t matter if you are an emergency service worker (law enforcement, fire fighter, EMT) or a civilian.  Find what you need today.  They carry the best brands at the best prices online!  Put together your own survival kit or buy a prepackaged kit but make sure you are prepared!


Survival Farming for Preppers is for those people who want to be prepared for whatever the world gives us!  In  today’s political climate, there’s no telling if we will be under attack from natural disasters or man-made disasters. Either way, you need to be prepared for what’s coming!

“My Survival Farm” by Dan F. Sullivan is the perfect way to make sure that your prepared.  He shows you in his book how to create a garden that does not need any maintenance,  is self-sustaining, and will produce the healthiest, tastiest, and most nutritious food. Basically, it’s food on autopilot year after year. This amazing farm works under the most extreme conditions.  No matter where you live, this works!