Spyware and virus removal is more important now than ever before!  Identity theft is on the rise due to hackers and spyware stealing your personal information.  They open credit accounts in your name racking up incredible debt and wrecking you credit.  You’re left holding the bag.  What if you could not only stop them but help others while making money at your own online business?   Read on to find out how.


Ground Floor Opportunity!

Start this home computer business now!Huge demand with almost no competition! Start
part-time with little or no out-of-pocket expense!

Spyware and virus removal You have the potential to make over $50,000* per year part-time, and $150,000* full time! You can hire others to do the work for you, and turn it into a mega business! This is not a scam business or get rich quick hype. This is a real business for those that are not afraid of some hard work. The kind of hard work that pays $50 to $100* per hour! If you are a lazy butt, this business is not for you.

Only basic computer skills are needed!
The software does most of the work! If you know how to set up an internet connection on your computer, and access the add/remove programs in the control panel, you can do it! You may already have some experience removing scum and viruses from your personal computer. Some business sense is also helpful. There is an element of risk in starting any business. Eliminating that risk through knowledge and planning will help with your success.
This guide explains the tools and methods that are used in a real ongoing and profitable business. Many years of trial and error has produced a method of cleaning a computer of spyware and viruses that can’t be beat! Our method is the fastest and our method is the absolute best! There is no commercial software you can buy that does the same job!

The techs for a major electronics store chain are using our 10 step virus & spyware cleaning procedure. They call it the “Pappa method”. If it works for them, it will work for you!

Everyone uses the internet.  It’s a powerful tool where you can find anything.  The problem being that criminals use it to to steal from hard working people just like you.  You can turn the table by starting your own spyware and virus removal business.  There is an endless supply of clients as more and more people use the internet.  Businesses have become more deeply entrenched in the internet storing data and customer sales and service. Your services will be in high demand.

The “Spyware & Virus Removal Business” guide will help you with the tools needed to make the business fly. Just add enthusiasm! This ebook can be downloaded in minutes! Don’t wait. Get started today.

  • Start part time with little or no out of pocket expense!
  • Ten simple steps to cleaning a computer fast!
  • Cleaning Process Removes NSA & FBI Spyware Too!
  • How to get free advertising that works.
  • Ideas for newspaper display advertising
  • Get good spyware & virus cleaning software for free!
  • Who is your worthy competition. Should you worry?
  • What software to avoid. Some are worse than a virus!
  • Know where to look in the computer to find sneeky malware.
  • How to get rid of home page hijackers and keyloggers.
  • Learn how to unlock a frozen computer & gain access
  • Two easy tricks to make a computer much faster
  • A little tip to make sure you always get paid. Important!
  • Included. A work order form to protect you from claims
  • What price to charge for services offered.
  • Tips to help insure repeat customer business
  • Too busy? Contract with others to do the work for you
  • The best time to raise your prices
  • The computer services to avoid offering. Profit killers!
  • A real plan to grow the business.
  • Set up commercial accounts with service agreements.

You can become a hero to friends and family by saving them from identity theft, viruses and spyware.  Start your own successful business in a growing market with spyware and virus removal services!