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Mountain Directory

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Travel with safety – safety from knowledge and information about navigating through the Mountain Grades and Terrain.



Mountain DirectorySince 1993, R&R Publishing Inc. has been collecting and publishing information about mountain passes and steep grades. The goal to to make mountain driving a little safer for truckers and RV’ers.  The information is available in several formats including printed copies, digital versions, ebooks (for both Windows and Mac), and Apps for smart phones and tablets.

IMPORTANT: Once the ebook or app version downloads to your device you do not need to be online to use them.   Once they are downloaded, they should work anywhere because they reside on your device.  You can be out in the wilderness, far from a signal, and they will still work.  Try the Demo for the state of Arizona to see how it works.  The demo is a PDF file, so it should work on many devices.  The ebook is a DRM-protected PDF and is almost identical in functionality to the demo. The app files are not PDFs of course, but they will look and work much like the demo file.

THERE IS A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON ALL VERSIONS. If you are not happy with your printed book or digital product, we will refund your money.  Just let us know within 30 days.  See the “Returns and Refunds” info on this website.

The Mountain Directory books and apps give the locations and descriptions of over 700 mountain passes and steep grades in 22 states. This includes where the steep grades are, how long they are, how steep (%) they are, the number of lanes, if there are escape ramps, switchbacks, sharp curves, speed limits, etc. This information allows you to know ahead of time what a pass is like so you  can decide whether to go over or around. Knowing what lies ahead is half the battle.

The printed versions of the Mountain Directory books have pages of text and color relief maps. All 240 pages are in the downloadable versions of the Mountain Directory ebooks and apps. In the printed versions, mountain pass locations are marked with a yellow triangle on the color relief maps.  In the ebook and app versions, you can click on the yellow triangles and the text appears that describes that location.

From the author, RW:

When customers find out that I’m from Kansas, they often say, “Kansas?  What can you tell me about mountain passes if you’re from Kansas?”  But after they hear my story, they cut me a little slack.  (By the way, did you know that there was once a researcher with too much government grant money who determined that Kansas actually is flatter than a pancake?)

When I was a kid in the early 60’s my parents owned a 16 foot Mobil Scout travel trailer.  We pulled that trailer all over the western United States and Canada with a 1962 Chevy with a 283 cubic inch engine and a three speed on the column.  So I learned to love mountains and I learned to love traveling the wide open spaces of our great land.  With that small trailer and the reliable Chevy, we never had any problems climbing or descending grades. Read more …

Sample from the Virginia/Kentucky East section
of the Mountain Directory East:

Mountain Directory4. US 33 (between Harrisonburg, VA and Judy Gap, WV.)

There are three summits along this stretch of US 33. The eastern summit is between Rawley Springs, VA and Brandywine, WV.  The east side is 4 miles of 8 to 9% grade. The west side is 4½ miles of 9% grade and both sides have continuous sharp curves and hairpin turns.  The highway is two lane on both sides.

The middle summit is between Oak Flat and Franklin, WV. The east side of this hill is 2½ miles of 8% with 25 mph curves.  The west side is about 3½ miles of much milder grade.  It is 4 to 5% over most of its length.  There are some sharp curves near the bottom.  The road is two lane on both sides of the hill.

The western summit is between Franklin and Judy Gap, WV.  It is 5 miles of steady 9%grade on both sides.  Both sides are two lane with sharp curves and hairpin turns.  Use caution on this road.

It doesn’t matter if you are a truck driver or a RV driver/hauler the Mountain Directory is for you!  This information could save you, your family or someone elses!  What is more important than that!