Med Tech Resources

Do you work in any of the emergency services field?  If so, Med-Tech Resources is the place to go for all of your needs at the lowest prices on line! Civilians can find products they need for emergencies at great prices too!  It doesn’t matter if you are a rescue worker, EMT, firefighter or police officer you can find the tools of your trade right here!

Med-tech resources


This is a great source for putting together a first aid/emergency kit.  Med Tech Resources has what you are looking for from the top brands at the best prices!.


  • Close out items
  • Apparel and uniforms-belts, boots/shoes, gloves, jackets/coats, pants, scurbs, shirts
  • AEDs and defibrillators-defibrillators, accessories, batteries, pads, electrodes, chart paper, wall cabinets, and training
  • Bags-fire, medical, first responder, trauma, oxygen, intubation, police, water rescue
  • Bandages-blood clot, burn care, dressing, gauze, tape, self-adhering bandages, all bandages
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Infection and Hazmat
  • IV Supplies
  • Kits
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Patient transportation
  • Respiratory and oxygen
  • Survival and Disaster supplies
  • Traffic safety


Building your own first aid kit has some big advantages>  The biggest advantage is knowing the contents of your kit and where it is inside. This is vitally important in an emergency!  Emergency service workers are familiar with the dump of adrenaline in the system and have been trained on how to function under those conditions.  Most civilians have not.  When an emergency arises, you’re going to need to have things as simple and familiar as possible so your focus can be on what you are doing.

The hard part is buying everything you need in small enough sizes to keep your first-aid kit light and compact.  Med-tech Resources can help you find everything you need in the quantity you need.

Not up to the idea of creating your own first aid/survival kit?  There are plenty of pre-packaged kits to choose from.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with the contents and the location of items.  You don’t want to be fumbling around in the kit looking for something when time is critical.