After careful searching, I’ve put some great new stuff on the website recently.  There are pages directed toward self help, emergency preparedness/survival, and pets.

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New stuff

In light of recent events, I’ve started looking for the best offers and resources for emergency preparedness.  Texas is starting the recovery process from Hurricane Harvey.  An important lesson here is that what we do to prepare ourselves is important.  Relying on outside resources immediately after a disaster can have deadly consequences.  Make sure you and your family have what they need to survive until help arrives.  I know I thought I was prepared just using my common sense.  After reading,  THE EXPERT PREPPERS ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GUIDE, I know there is more that I need to do to keep my family safe.  I’ve also been impressed with SURVIVAL FARMING FOR PREPPERS.  The book shows you how to grow your own food in a sustainable fashion that requires little to no work.  I don’t know about you but fresh produce without the weeding and work sounds great to me right now!  Last but not least, MED TECH RESOURCES, can help you create the perfect first aid kit at the best prices online.

new stuff

Last but certainly not least, I’ve created a pets section so you can care for your pet with the best products at the best prices found anywhere online.  It’s located in the Parenting and Family section because pets are family!  Who else in the family loves you unconditionally like that?  None of my pets have ever complained about what’s for dinner or how I look!

new stuff


I would also like to ask for some feedback.  What are you looking for?  What can I help you find at the best price possible?  Sign up and send me an email letting me know how I can help you!  Have a great day and take care of each other!